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Yuesapiesa has made its mark in the deep history of the United States. Yuesapiesa is actually the title character of a mythical icon. Seniority has defined the ability to deliver posts reliable and efficiently. Liteblue USPS Financial Services has won the favor of many Americans.

But it has come to a place where the U.S. Core moved because the Internet has gained fame and popularity all over the world. This has greatly reduced the use of the services publicly. The obvious truth is that if the downtown trend continues, then $ 238 billion is lost for the next ten years. Last year, the Postal Service lost $ 2.8 billion. The United States Postal Service struggles between life and death because it shows intent and continuity in today's information and advanced technology sector.

Until the present reason exists, it will not be able to deal with the current situation: first, e-mail, voice chat, chat, social networking online and online payments became popular, the old USPS distribution system became popular for background Went in Secondly, the vast presence of Federal Express and UPS in the market has told people about the option of sending their parcel. Third, the USPS The existing problems are also being smoother. During the September 11 attacks, the USPS terminates the post office near the World Trade Center. Liteblue, There is a loss of 60 million dollars. Apart from this, the presence of characters with anthrax has directed different people against it.

Yuesapiesa There are devastating consequences for system problems for thousands of employees working under this system. More than 100 of the 400 USS facilities are closed. 15% of the total number of employees of the USPS are dismissed. And 150,000 employees will retire before time. It is a tragic situation, keeping in mind that these employees are not alone, but they have family with them too.

Yuesapiesa Board of Governors worked together to prevent organization costs and to make efficient solutions and steps to reduce the revenue of the organization. Yuesapiesa is thinking of improving its fate Yuesapiesa plans to reduce six to five days in the days of delivery. Yuesapiesa hybrid mail has been introduced, which includes delivery of e-mails with a change in agreement with the federation to provide greater flexibility and reduce health insurance contributions.

In addition, the UPS Congress has proposed to cancel the liability for pre-payment of health insurance for pensioners. About 150,000 employees are expected to retire in the next five years. After all, the UPS Instead of using expensive number of franchisees and contractual stations instead of expensive retail outlets. Hope, UPS These proposals will get positive feedback from the Congress and will gradually resolve the current concerns of the USPS.

Yuesaesaesa By carefully preparing all the plans, the five-day distribution program is an important element, which includes a big plan. It symbolizes the balanced USPS approach in the next decade. Apart from this, the five-day distribution program is not as clear as it seems. It has a huge legal and regulatory system. If this plan is successful, then the estimated savings of approximately 3 billion dollars is expected. Liteblue USPS America Congress is the only person who can make the reality of what to do in the future. New York sub-USPS postmaster Patrick Donohu ​​said, "Every day, every year, if it's delayed, we will end up in the hole."

According to the US Today / Gallup Survey, these five days delivery program received positive feedback from the public. According to the survey, 58% of the age of 18 to 34 years and 55 years of age or older and 73% of people are increasingly in the U.S. If the money is saved, then the plan has agreed.

Many people use the U.P. Wants to reduce the value of tickets But then, USSSS will increase the stamp value by 3% this year and by next year it will increase by 10 percent and eventually the revenue will increase. However, this proposal reached with the automatic contradiction of the population. Hope UPS Find a way to do this.

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